Sunday, October 2, 2011

Simple life

First off let me apologize for not being online for a few days.
Our internet is down, yet again, but Frontier is supposed to be coming to fix it this week. I hope.
Cross your fingers for me.
So I wanted to give you some more information about our life.
So far pretty much all anyone knows is that we're trying to conceive, we're goofy, and we're from WV.
Let me start of by explaining how much our weekend this weekend has been awesome.

Yesterday (Saturday) we went down to Pineville to help our friends Renee and Steff with a hot dog sale. Stef is going to be in a Miss WV pageant and they're raising funds. We all know she's going to win anyways. After the pageant we came back and just hung out and watched Transformers.
Today we went with Joe and Renee and their goobers to see Courageous. Let me just say, if you've not seen it then you need to. This movie is awesome and is what Christians should be. My husband isn't a father yet, but I think it definitely touched him. This is a movie that literally will make you laugh, cry, and ache for the actors. It feels as if your faith is growing right along with the characters. So let me reiterate. If you haven't seen this movie it is a must see. Go. See. Now.
Tomorrow we go back to work, yay (feel my enthusiasm here huh?) at a job that is ending in approximately 2 weeks. It sucks. Alot. And badly. So far we're not having much luck with finding other employment but we can't switch to a different campaign. They gave us that option but there are health concerns with staying at this particular call center and I just can't afford to stay sick anymore, especially with trying to get pregnant. I sure don't plan on expsoing my baby to black mold even before they are born. It is good money though so we're scrambling to get in as many hours as possible before this job ends because we only owe 1400 more on our house. If we have to go through the winter jobless then at the very least my house will be paid off so I won't have to worry about a house payment. 400 on this paycheck, 400 on the 17th, and 6 on the 4th.
Cross your fingers and pray for us that things go the way we're hoping.
Anyways, its after 12 midnight, movie night is wrapping up, and we're on our way home for the night. Good night everyone.

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