Sunday, October 16, 2011

Life and Lemons

So we all got laid off from our fronyier jobs Friday night. That call center campaign is no longer available in the TRG Beckley building \. WeWeresupposed to be there until the 21st but surpriiiiiise! We're not. Oh well.

Cowboy already had a new job lined up anyways. He starts at gamestop tonight. We'll know his wages and everything then so I can fix us up a new budget.The house will be paid off on Tuesday so we wont have that bill to worry about at least and I'm hoping to either get unemployment or find a small job to get thru winter and Christmas.

I'm hoping for the unemployment. I'd really like the winter to concentrate on dr apps and getting my PCOS under control. I had a period for the first time in two years last month. This month back to nothing. Every pregnancy test is negative so I guess last months period was some sort of fluke.

The good news is that I've been losing weight. I don't know how much. I've been able to wear a pair of pants i've not been able to wear since I bought them and I'm about two inches away from a pair of jeans that i;ve never had on. Yay! 

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