Sunday, October 9, 2011

God is in Control

Sometimes I have to remember that God is the one piloting the plane and I'm just along for the ride. Sometimes like today I get that reminder.

We've been looking for my husband's wallet for months. Never could find it. Has his ss card and picture ID.
DMV wont' replace the picture ID without the SS card. SS won't replace the SS card without the drivers ID so we've been stuck. Tonight I ripped apart our car trying to find it. No luck. Found lots of other goodies that had disappeared, but no wallet. We came home and I'm washing J's clothes for his interview tomorrow. As I'm standing in the bathroom I decide to move everything out of the hamper and see if its at the bottom. No go. God, please, help me find his wallet. We really need his information for his interview tomorrow. I look to my left. There's a wicker basket there, it's pretty much just a catch all for the random bathroom supplies. I move something off the top and there is a wadded up pair of pants. I start emptying the pockets so they can be thrown in the wash with all the other darks. There's something heavy in the left rear pocket. I pull it out. There in my hand is my husband's lost wallet.

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