Friday, October 7, 2011

Deer? Where?

So tonight driving home on the way from work we had two exciting things happen. One - I got my first ever ticket! Why you ask? Was I speeding? Nope. Was I swerving all over the road? Nope. Was I making uturns and spin outs for the fun of it? Naaaah. No, I choose to live on the dangerous side and didn't have my seat belt on! That's right my first ever ticket... because I don't feel comfortable wearing a device to fits against my throat instead of my shoulder where its supposed to be. . . le sigh.

Oh yeah I said two exciting things didn't I? I.... have joined the ranks of my fellow West Virginians. What do I mean by this you ask? I hit a deer. I have the proof of it too! My poor car hood is jacked up. Or jacked in as the case may be. Okay, seriously the damage isn't bad. My care just looks slightly more abused than it did to begin with.

Deer went smash and the car went boom! Oh my gravy the deer went air born! I don't know if I should feel worse about the fact that bambi probably only lost his spots a few weeks ago, or that it was a waist of perfectly good deer meat....

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